2019 After 4 Races

Well that promise of the Ferrari speed during the preseason testing has not yet shown itself in the first 4 races. Mercedes are still the dominant team when it comes to race day. What the hell is going on at Ferrari?

Yes the Ferrari tactics are sometimes questionable and the second driver Charles Leclerc is still finding his way. Is it the fundamental aerodynamic package that is just not good enough? Judging from todays qualifying in Spain it would seem that the Ferrari cars lack the downforce. The Mercedes cars were absolutely better in the last twisty turns of the Catalunya circuit. That second last run of Valtteri Bottas was absolutely the finest I have seen for years. For him to beat Lewis Hamilton by 0.6 of a second was sensational.

OK. Back to the post title. The drivers points standing after 4 races is –

Driver’s points after 4 2019 races

Graphically the top 6 drivers points look like this –

Looks sick for Ferrari. They need to start winning now or they will have no chance for the season. The constructors title fight looks even worse.

Constructors Standing After 4 Races

Enjoy the race tomorrow.

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